Our Program — the Power of Work

The focus of Ready to Work is right there in the name — “work.”

We know from experience that income is the key to addressing homelessness. If someone has sustainable income, they can provide for their own housing. And if they have a job, they have income they can count on.

That’s why everything we do is focused on getting our clients paid employment and supporting their entry into permanent housing.

In San Joaquin County generally, and Stockton in particular, there is a great need for employment training programs that specifically help the homeless, including those who have been incarcerated.

Ready to Work improves upon successful models by providing clients stable shelter and wraparound services during their education.

Our clients receive shelter and a foundation of support services including case management, counseling, budgeting, substance abuse support, transportation, and work readiness. Clients also receive priority placement into education programs, pre-apprenticeship training, and skill certification classes that lead directly to employment.

But the biggest resource we offer is the ability to earn and save money while clients stay at our shelter. Ready to Work contracts with outside agencies — including Caltrans, the City of Stockton, Bank of America Foundation, Downtown Stockton Alliance, and the Miracle Mile Improvement District — to directly employ our clients.

And when our clients obtain permanent employment, we partner with rapid re-housing programs to move our clients into permanent housing, and we offer graduating clients a grant that can help them secure housing or other necessities to start them in their new life.

This comprehensive approach helps move homeless individuals to permanent housing and employment, allowing them to establish their own independence and a successful future.

Every step of the way, Ready to Work clients are challenged to invest in themselves with hard work. It’s that self-investment that sets Ready to Work apart.

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