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We seek to reduce the number of homeless people in San Joaquin County
by helping men with a history of homelessness and obstacles to employment rebuild their lives and the lives of their families.


Ready to Work Current News

One year, many successes

Today marks one year since Ready to Work welcomed its first clients into its shelter. Since that day when our initial cohort settled into its bunks, we have seen the program grow and have witnessed individuals with no homes and little hope transform their lives with purpose and promise. It began with only 10 people

Ride for Ready to Work

If you have a bicycle, you can help support men who are looking to leave homelessness behind. The Full Moon Riders, Stockton’s downtown once-a-month bike club, are making a $1 donation for every cyclist who takes a tour of the city’s core with the group. The family-friendly FMR have been riding for five years, bringing

RTW helps face expanded challenge

We know homelessness is a huge challenge for San Joaquin County. In April 2019, we learned how huge that challenge is. According to the 2019 Point in Time Count, there are at least 1,558 homeless individuals living on the streets in San Joaquin County. Of those on the streets, 69% are men. That makes our

Clients, Caltrans, city of Stockton clean up community

If you thought you saw Ready to Work clients on the side of the highway, you weren’t mistaken. Our clients are working to clean up our community thanks to a public-private partnership with Caltrans and the City of Stockton. A three-year, three-party agreement between Ready to Work, Caltrans, and the city was put into action

B of A Foundation invests in brighter economic future

The Bank of America Foundation has awarded Ready to Work $25,000 for the current fiscal year. It’s a direct investment in our clients’ economic independence. The Foundation’s grant is already putting our clients to work as part of supervised crews. Teams of up to five RTW clients are out at least three days a week,



Changes Lives

Our clients are active participants in their own success, and put in the effort it takes to get and maintain a job.

Earned income is the key for graduates to maintain housing and avoid future homelessness.

Work instills the value of self-reliance and builds the capacity for long-term success.

Ready to Work provides the education and opportunity so that people can take control
of their own lives.

Learn more about our services and programs here.


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An approach that is

Since July 2018, Ready to Work has provided shelter and services to clients with the sole goals of helping them become self-sufficient. Our program, designed to get people to work and providing for themselves, has shown remarkable success.

During the past year, 45% of the men who exited our program (32% of men who were active in the program) exited to housing . This is a remarkable success, and shows the type of change individuals can make when given the stability of housing, the support of caring staff, and the right opportunity.

We continue to improve and diversify the services we offer in the effort to return our clients to work, housing, and productive lives. Learn more about our unique model here.



is an issue for us all

Unauthorized encampments are a health, safety, and quality of life issue throughout
San Joaquin County.

As of January 2019, there were 1,558 individuals living on the streets in San Joaquin County, and local shelters continue to be overwhelmed.

We believe people deserve better than living on the street without a home and without hope.

Learn more about who we help and the issue we face.

Filling the service gap

A systematic needs assessment shows Ready to Work’s target population faces a lack of opportunity and a lack of services.

Most existing homeless services are short- term crisis response measures, or only serve narrow populations because of restrictive funding sources.

Ready to Work assists people who are ineligible for many other services, but who have the potential to show great strides with the right investment.


Founded on durable


Ready to Work is a public-private partnership that leverages the existing resources of San Joaquin County, Stockton, Lodi, and other forward-thinking communities.

Our effort has brought together nonprofits, private donors, law enforcement, local government, and state agencies in a way that San Joaquin County hasn’t seen before.

Our partners have worked tirelessly with us to create new alliances and utilize existing resources in creative ways so our clients have the most comprehensive support possible.

Thanks especially to our Founding Sponsors, who are the backbone of Ready to Work!
Check out our Founding Sponsors and growing list of partners.


Your support has a direct


on our ability to change lives.

Ready to Work makes long-term investments in the health, economy, and people of San Joaquin County.

We provide housing, food, education, work training, skill certification, stipends, and links to permanent housing for people who want a second chance. But we need your financial support to make this happen.

With your help, we can change lives.

Join our team by becoming a donor, or by agreeing to hire one of our graduates.

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